An Educative Platform for Car Lovers – Review

Is it hard for you to choose a new car? Maybe you need some more theory to buy the right one? Then go to the mentioned website and read about cars from all over the world, about their history and features.

When you want to buy a new gadget, furniture or a book you first read about the main features. So it goes the same with cars. To find the information you can just paste the brand’s name to Google but sometimes the facts are fake or written in a difficult way. There’s a service which provides readers with the facts taken from official websites with all links –

When and where it was created

The creators made this website in 2015, they are located in California. They don’t hide the address and open for communication so write them any question or suggestion in the “Contact us” section.

What this website is about

The goal is to collect as many information about car brands as possible but keep it clear and well-categorized. That’s why on the main page you can find that there are sections with car brands from America, China, The UK, Japan, Africa, Australia, France and Italy. On every page, there’s a lot of information about the specific brands. There are bright logos and history written in a nutshell.

How it helps the visitors

This website isn’t made only for entertainment, it’s also educative. They write about the date of creation, compare brands with each other, show the prices, and tell about the most popular/fast/extraordinary and etc. cars in a chosen category.

All in all, if you don’t want to buy a car it’ll be interesting to broaden the mind and to get the ability to speak about the cars. Sounds good, right?