– high anonymity and low commissions

It’s not easy to find a service for sending bitcoins with preservation of anonymity. Sometimes you have to sacrifice the speed of the transaction, high commissions, or reliability of the transaction. However, is a service that combines all the positive features. It supports the use of TOR, SegWit with a minimum fee for transactions.

What is bitcoin mixer?

Anonymity is one of the main cryptocurrency features. But are these two technologies really anonymous? The answer is no. All transactions that were ever made are saved in blockchains, the data of which is accessible to everyone. Accordingly, any transaction can be tracked if desired. To mix the traces of transactions, bitcoin mixers were invented.

A mixer is a resource that takes on an intermediary role, accepting and sending transactions. That is, in order to mix your transaction, it is enough just to go to the website and send your funds through it. service features

At the heart of work is the principle of splitting the transaction into small parts and then forwarding it to the reserve chain. There are always enough coins in the service reserve to ensure trouble-free operation. This allows maintaining the speed of transactions, while not creating a large queue wating for new coins.
While maintaining the minimum commission for the operation and a small deposit – BestMixer stands out among other mixers.