How to Choose ICO for Investment – 10 Indexes to Look at

A guide for choosing the right crypto. One can save time by using ICO Catalog which provides potential investors with everything they need to know. Ratings, charts, ICO calendar, and useful articles are there.

Is it hard for you to decide which coin is worth investing? Today we’ll try to help you. There’s a service which collects all data about ICO cryptocurrency and estimates it in numbers. ICO Catalog is a website which is a must for visiting for every investor.

Where to look at

There are some indexes on which you should pay attention to understand whether coins are profitable or not.

– Traffic;

– Evaluation;

– Potency;

– Activity;

– Messages;

– Backlinks;

– EAP.

All of them are in the rating published on ICO Catalog. But if you want to be aware of what they are, continue reading.

About indexes in details

Evaluation is based on users’ reviews and their opinion on the specific tokens.

Potency estimates the level of interest to the certain cryptocurrency.

Activity shows the users’ readiness to do something with ICO.

Traffic shows the number of unique visitors on the ICO website.

Messages index is based on posts from and shows the number of them taking the attitude into account.

Backlinks count how many links from other websites lead to the main page of ICO.

EAP is a combination of the first three indexes represented in a diagram.

What’s more?

Visit other websites to find information about market capitalization, supply, and trade volume. Combining all the mentioned indexes and comparing ICOs with each other will give a great result. You’ll understand where to invest in.