A few unblocked games that changed the gaming industry

If you’re interested in how everything started in terms of unblocked games, you should get more information about a few titles that changed the entire gaming industry. Many people are still obsessed with these first games because they’re so interesting to play.

The most popular unblocked games

If you’re a fan of unblocked games, you may want to know how their popularity has started. Get on your enjoyable journey through time and play the first games of this type. Some of them changed the modern gaming industry, and they’re still very popular. You can play them on a good online platform with high ratings.

If you want to see what players were obsessed about a few decades ago, pay attention to these excellent unblocked games:

  • Space Invaders (it’s quite simple to play as you just need to shoot down space invaders);
  • Super Mario (this game marked the entire history and start of video games, and it’s about a funny plumber who kills evil turtles and collects mushrooms on his way to save the princess);
  • Pac-man (it’s also easy to play and very dynamic because players need to get away from ghosts and move through mazes to collect as many points as possible).