A Guide to Choose a Baby Carrier Wrap – 3 Types Suitable for Everyone

Are you lost in the variety of infant wrap carriers represented on the market? Don’t be afraid of buying anything wrong as we’ll show you all the necessary details which will help to make the right choice. Tips and recommendations, the main types, and the advantages of these carriers are waiting for you in this article.

Infant wrap carrier is a popular thing among modern mothers. So today we’ll try to find out the details parents should know before purchasing one: the main types, the specific features of each type, the advantages of these carriers at all. Read this article and save money and time.

A Baby Carrier Wrap: What is it, how to use it, which variants are on the market and other details

Newborns spend much time on their mothers’ hands. To help parents, carriers were created. There are different options, but a wrap variant seems to be the most comfortable and safe for babies. It looks like a piece of fabric which is wrapped across the mother’s body. The main types are sling scarf, ringsling, and mai sling.

The first variant is the most adjustable one. It doesn’t matter how wide your shoulders are or what’s your height – it’s very easy to wrap it across the body. The usual length for such carriers is 2,5-6 m and the width is 50-100 cm. It’s a multifunctional variant which can be wrapped in about 10 ways.

The second option is almost the same as the first one but it has a ring at the end. Mothers wear it crossing the body with the fabric, one end runs in the ring on the other end. The length is about 2 m. This option is for situations when a child should be put out from the carrier often (for feeding, at the hospital).

Mai sling is very similar to the scarf one but it’s easier and faster in usage. It’s very convenient to use it while feeding.

Baby Sling Wrap’s Advantages

– A baby is kept in a natural position;
– Has many options of wrapping up;
– Equalize the toddler’s weight on mother’s back.