How to choose an acoustic guitar: tips from professional players

How to choose your first guitar? What should you know before starting to pick up your new musical instrument? Which one will perfectly fit all your needs? Here is a list of the most important tips for choosing the guitar.

Buying an acoustic guitar: tips for beginners

Buying your first guitar might be often challenging. Not only you need to pick up the musical instrument which will be easily tuned and have a high quality of sound but also fit your needs as a beginner player. What should you know before buying your first acoustic guitar? Here are the answers!

  • Understand your budget. Although you might be dreaming about the guitar of a certain popular musician, try to stay real. The acoustic guitars that were played by famous guitar players can reach $10,000.
  • Choose a beginner guitar. Acoustic guitars for beginners are usually cheaper than those designed for professionals. A good way of saving money for limited budgets!
  • Find out, whether you need an acoustic or an acoustic-electric guitar. The acoustic-electric guitar can provide you with a louder and richer sound. Find out the best electric-acoustic guitars here:
  • Choose the best shape for your guitar. You can choose from dreadnaught, classic, jumbo or parlour shapes.
  • Play the chosen guitar. How do you feel it? Is it easy to play? Since the guitar might easily become the part of your soul, try to play it before making a purchase.