How to order Kodi professional products on

It seems like everybody comes across the situation when one likes some products in a shop, their price and variety but when all of them are in a shopping cart appear some problems with shipping. Your country isn’t on the list, the fees are enormous as the delivering time. Today we’ll find out the details about Nailmastershop and decide whether it’s convenient or not.

What this store offers

The Ukranian shop has a wide variety of nail products from manicure tools to gel polish, tops and bases. The available brands are Kodi professional, Gelliant and F.O.X. Everything is divided into sections so you’ll find a necessary brush or cuticle oil without any problems. One phase gel Kodi professional.

Making an order

After you’ve chosen the products, start adding them to a shopping cart. Sometimes goods are out of stock, in this case, Nailmastershop gives an option of creating a wish list, just press on the heart-shaped button. When the shopping cart is opened you can earn a discount by liking and sharing the store on Facebook. The total discount is 5%. Buyers can also use coupon codes.

Shipping details

The great thing about this shop is that you can calculate the shipping before filling in the personal information. So you won’t waste time to know that it’s too expensive for you only in the end. Nailmastershop delivers products worldwide and it was hard to count the available countries. There’re three options for paying: Visa, MasterCard and PayPal.

All in all, Nailmastershop is a good online store with a minimalistic design and big product range. They sell only high-quality products for the professional manicure so you should probably at least open it and study the goods.